The Aria Lifestyle

Aria Arabians Horse LifestyleFor centuries, the Arabian horse has breathed its bliss into the souls of mankind, offering a privileged few a lifestyle like no other… one that brings with it the utmost levels of beauty, art, culture, travel, friendships around the world, and most importantly, a liberation of the soul only understood upon experiencing it.

There is no greater entry point than Aria International, the incomparable industry leader of the Arabian horse experience. Our sole mission is to usher Newcomers into the joys of the Arabian horse lifestyle through customized programs tailored to each client’s desires and needs. Whether your interests lie in the highest levels of show ring competition, the incomparable joys innate to breedingAria Arabians National Championship Horse world-class horses, illustrious travel and friendships around the world, or simply enjoying the bond between horse and human, we are wholly committed to making your experience one that successfully meets your needs and enriches your life.

This is the place from which Aria international has become a global standard. The impeccable Aria Collection of Arabian horses has danced and romanced their way to the highest levels of competition around the world.

Sahara Scottsdale - Home of World Class Arabian HorsesIt is aptly mirrored in the place they call home, Sahara Scottsdale, a state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of Scottsdale, AZ that is as functional as it is beautiful– truly reflecting the glory of the horses it houses and the lifestyle that abounds.

Aria Arabians Marquise Auction World Class Arabian SaleThe Aria team offers proven and unrivaled capabilities in every area of the Arabian horse lifestyle, putting your newcomer experience in steadfast hands. With over 150 years of experience amongst the Aria team, Aria International is unarguably one of the foremost forces in the global industry, setting the sales records for both Private Treaty (with the sale of FA El Rasheem) and Public Auction (with the $1.55 million sale of Om El Erodite). It simultaneously was responsible for founding and managing the Marquise Auction Group, the industry’s current record-breaking sales auction.

As an Aria client, you will access the unsurpassed skills of this formidable Aria team, dedicated to providing you the ultimate Arabian horse experience:

Whether your desire is a hands-on experience or one that is 100% turnkey, we will manage your lifestyle experience to the level you prefer. It is our only goal that your involvement with the Arabian horse is as exhilarating and gratifying as it has been to us.

Aria Impressario - National Champion Arabian StallionThe Arabian horse is a lifestyle of romance. A lifestyle of passion. A lifestyle of beauty and art that transforms into a universal language. From the sparkling lights of Paris and ancient desert sands of the Middle East to the vigor of Sao Paulo and the beaches of Chantilly, you will be taken on a journey filled with great destinations, enriching your life with the beautiful diversity of a world united around the Arabian horse.

Because at the end of the day, no competition or destination will compare to the transformational moment you’ll have when the whiskers of this ancient breed softly brush your hand, its breath warming your skin, and its ancient, liquid eyes – full of 2,000 years of light and life – meeting yours for the very first time. In that moment, we guarantee you’ll be changed forever.

The Aria Lifestyle represents a lifestyle of passion: the relationships you’ll make, the horses you’ll see, the great destinations that lie ahead for you – and they are only the tip of the iceberg.

In the end, it is the horses themselves – the Aria Collection – that are the greatest of all destinations… a worthy tribute to the Arabian horse.

Welcome to the Aria Experience. It is one like no other.

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